The One Week Update

Kiley is one week day old today!

She is lightening to a lovely nutmeg color. She is gaining nicely at 32 ounces, but is not too large.

We began Early Neurological Stimulation with her and will continue until Day 16. Her eyes and ears should begin to open this next week.

She has gotten lots of visitors and will continue to meet as many people as possible in the next eight weeks. (I’m carefully checking to be sure no one that visits is even slightly sick, and having visitors wash their hands before holding her!)

I decided to keep our cats from coming into the whelping room on the off chance that their presence was possible unnerving to Lina. They all get along great usually, but that protective mothering instinct is strong!

Check out the website below if you are interested in a description of the early neurological stimulation and early learning protocol I will be following with Kiley. I’m not sure what work she will be doing as an adult dog, either as a service dog, a therapy dog, or as a beloved and well-behaved pet.

In any situation, she’ll be well-prepared to take on her tasks!

Here’s the site: Puppy Prodigies

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