Week 6: Training Updates

Here’s our lovely girl.














She has the beginnings of a luxurious coat, and is keeping her light nutmeg brown shade.  Her head is magnificent, and we think she’ll have Lina’s eyes, which we all think are large and beautiful.

She is so spunky and full of fun!

She’s adapted well to her puppy mush, and only nurses in the early morning now. She’s definitely not as chubby as she was when she crawled around army-style, lugging an enormous belly with her.

After her naps, she runs all around the family room/fireplace room/kitchen area. Lina is very attentive, always ready to play.  Sometimes we hold Lina back because when Kiley really starts running, Lina chases her down and stops her movements.

After training Kiley last week to the clicker, I’d say she’s got the message that good things follow the click sound.  Her exercise pen is right next to the kitchen/ family room, and she hears every sound that happens there, and a lot has been happening these past few weeks!  So many visitors and family members have come through just at the right time for her socialization!

When she rushes over to the cage wall to see what’s going on and what the noises are, I’ve been working on reinforcing her sit with little bits of food and the clicker.  This takes some patience, since she is really wanting to climb out of the cage and go where the action is!  But when I wait for the sit, it eventually comes, and she’s been getting clicked and treated and THEN picked up.

We also started her recall this week.  She’s a very quick learner, and my daughter Maureen and I are having a lot of fun with  this!

She’s managed to happily, confidently  approach both of our old bitty cats.  So far, they’ve been patient but Aja is not the patient kind, so I’m sure soon Kiley will get her nose whacked at some point.  India on the other hand, is so sweet natured, and has been watching Kiley like a hawk, from her various perches near the ex. pen, that I think she’ll be more friendly when Kiley actually approaches her.  We’ll see….

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