Last Few Days with Our Sweet Puppy Crew!

My sweet crew go to their families this weekend (12/7-12/9). I’m going to miss them, but I’m so happy for the people who are going to love them!

We had seven healthy puppies arrive on October 14th and have spent the last eight weeks loving every minute of their development. This litter are from our foundation momma, Lina (check out the tab at the top of the page or keep reading below for her pedigree details) and Mystic of Poetic Gold Farm. Head to the Poetic Gold Farm website to read all about this fantastic sire.

For solo beauty shots of each puppy, check out our blog post for lots of adorable golden puppy photos!

Their last week with us was full of time with people and great goodbyes.

We took them to visit my husband’s workplace and had many happy employees (and some of their dogs) swing by for some relaxation and puppy play! The puppies were totally comfortable and fearless, enjoying meeting new people in a new environment. And none of them made a single mess, which I was very proud of!

Here the puppies are saying goodbye to lots of our young friends who have loved playing with and helping socialize these little guys in the last few weeks.

And we were so proud and happy/sad to say goodbye to Ajax. After hours of testing of all seven puppies last Tuesday, the awesome people from Hero Dogs came and picked up their pick of the litter for best overall temperament – Ajax, renamed Captain by the organization. Now Captain will enter an 18 month program for training up to work as a service dog and life companion for a disabled veteran. We are so grateful for the service and work of this impressive organization ( and thrilled that Captain has been selected to be a part of their program. We know he’s going to do great things!

Captain says goodbye to Mom!

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