About Us

We are a selective hobby breeding family who loves Golden Retrievers and lives on 2 acres in Great Falls, Virginia. We carefully research and plan limited breedings, and then turn our attention to providing these puppies with the best nutrition, love, and stimulation we can possibly give them.

We came to love Golden Retrievers through our first Golden, Holly. Our crazy, large family wanted a dog to join in our family adventures (which are many), but it had to be just the right breed for water, family, friends, and fun. Holly joined us and changed us all through her sensitive, noble, and devoted spirit. She was a walking advertisement for Goldens!

Every June, as soon as school was out, we packed up our large family and headed by van from Great Falls, VA to a small lake outside of Seattle, WA called Lake Joy. Yes, it’s really a place!

We spent the entire summer there (my husband works for a Seattle based company so this all worked) in kayaks, sailboats, and constantly in the water, returning usually the day before school started.

Holly was with us on every adventure of those sun-filled, Lake Joy days and also in our life back in Great Falls (although she preferred the lake). Unfortunately, Holly died suddenly in 2014 at age 7, much too soon. We missed her terribly.

Lake Joy Goldens was born of my determination to help in the effort to breed only very healthy Goldens. In some breeding lines, cancer and heart conditions are taking dogs at much too young an age. I began to search for a female puppy, with an impeccable health pedigree, who was also an excellent example of the Golden Retriever breed standard in conformation and temperament. After researching for nearly a year, we found our Lina, Goldenway’s Stellina d’Oro from our fantastic and encouraging friend and mentor, Leslie Lesser of Goldenway Goldens.  Now, Lina is our beloved family companion and the foundation female for Lake Joy Goldens.

Explore our website to learn more about us, our breeding philosophy, and our foundation dogs, Lina, Kiley, and Indigo.

Lake Joy Goldens is officially listed on the Puppy Culture world wide map of breeders! This puppy training method that we use is designed to take full advantage of the natural intelligence and developmental capacity that puppies have from birth through eight weeks. That means your puppies will come to you with a great head start! Check out their website for more info if you’re curious.

Check out our blogFacebook, or Instagram (follow us at @lakejoygoldens) for lots more photos and information about past litters!