A Summer of Puppies

Our COVID-19 summer was made a lot brighter by the arrival of Kiley’s first litter of puppies with Forrest of Mardover Goldens. Kiley’s mothering adventure began on […]

Kiley Preps for First Litter

We are announcing both Lina’s retirement and the upcoming breeding of our new Lake Joy Goldens mama, Kiley. Our beautiful Kiley just turned two! She is our […]

Week 6 – lots of new experiences!

This week we intensify the operant conditioning with the clicker and treats. These puppies are all really smart, and are quickly responding to the training. The families […]

A busy week!

The puppies have had a full week! They met the grandkids on Saturday, and were loved and played with whenever they were awake! They met many family […]

Lots of Puppy Photos!

We had the fun of taking these little puppies outside for the first time this past weekend! And that gave us the chance to take some solo […]