Our Dogs

Indigo aka “Indy”

Indy turned two on October 18, 2023. She will be bred during her Fall heat for an expected Winter 2024 litter

Indy is a cheerful, athletic, beautifully built, light-golden female with a straight correct coat. She has her grandfather Mystic’s head, bone, and structure. She’s very intelligent, trainable, and eager to please. Her loyal, even temperament and huge smile make her popular wherever we go. She loves going for walks and runs, meeting new people, and is wonderful with children.

I breed for health and temperament (and the breed standard), and Indy is the kind of dog I’ve been aiming for.

Bonny (co-owned with a friend)

Bonny is a Lake Joy Goldens female from a March 2020 litter of Kiley and Joey of Lycinan Goldens. She is co-owned with a friend and lives full time with their large family of children and grandchildren. She will be bred sometime in the coming year.

“Bonny is a happy, easy going dog. She’s very affectionate and loves everyone especially children and babies. She also loves other dogs. She’s a very communicative dog; she is always either staring at us or lying pressed against our legs. She wants to be in the middle of our family activities, yet she is happy to go to her crate when necessary. She is smart, easy to train, and eager to please. She’s also confident, never fearful, but never aggressive.” – Bonny’s Owner/Mom

Kiley – Retired

Our beautiful Kiley is our keep from Lina’s first litter with Mystic of Poetic Gold Farm. She’s a joyful, even, happy girl! She’s so smart and playful and takes all of her cues from me. She’s unflappable with other animals and children and has her father Mystic’s even temperament.

She also has his gorgeous blocky head, combined with Lina’s soulful eyes. She is a honey golden color, with excellent bone and straight correct coat. She’s a little bigger than her mother at 68 lbs.

Lina – Retired

Lina is a little lady at 61 lbs. She has a happy, confident style that makes everyone notice her and compliment her beauty. She is a light gold with a gorgeous straight correct coat and outstanding structure. She has a blocky head and an excellent stop. Her eyes are expressive and cheerful.

Lina is a playful Golden who loves to be with people. She loves spending time outside running and walking, but is also happy to cozy up next to us by the fire in the evenings. Lina is Kiley’s mother and retired from our breeding program in 2020.