Lots of changes and news here at Lake Joy Goldens:

  • The 2021 fall litter of Kiley and “Joey” of Lycinan Goldens produced a beautiful batch of puppies. We kept a girl named Indigo from this litter and will begin to breed her once she has turned two. Check out the Our Dogs section of the website for photos of Indy.
  • The 2022 spring litter of Kiley and Joey also produced beautiful puppies. We added a female from that litter to our program as well – little Bonnie. I co-own her with a friend who lives very nearby. Check out the Our Dogs section for photos of Bonnie.
  • Our foundation bitch, Stellina d’ Oro or “Lina,” has officially retired from breeding.
  • Kiley will have one more litter this spring (2023) before joining her mother in retirement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lake Joy Goldens or want to join the waitlist for future litters, please download the Questionnaire and send it to us via email at katy@lakejoygoldens.com. We sell all puppies limited registration only.